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Hiring Students


2013-2014 Fall Winter Experiential Learning Work-Study Program

The objective of the Work-Study program is to help students in financial need meet their educational costs by providing part time work opportunities on campus. This provides eligible Ryerson students an opportunity to work during Fall Winter to gain academic or career related experience.

Funding for these positions comes from university, therefore students must apply for Work-Study and meet a specific criteria. Ryerson students must fill out a Work-Study application. The Work-Study guidelines for students are located on the Student Financial Aid website.

2013-2014 Fall Winter Work Study Employer Guidelines

Thank you for your interests in the Work Study program, the application for 2013-2014 Fall/Winter Experiential Learning Work-Study program is now closed.

The Work-Study program provides part time employment opportunities for Ryerson students. Work-Study jobs are located on campus and intended to offer Ryerson students business or career related experience.

Work-Study provides the students with an opportunity for experiential learning. The student should be able to apply their academic knowledge and further develop and enhance their skill sets. 


Experiential Learning Work Study Program

If you are a student, please visit our student's page for Work Study and other on campus opportunities:

The following information is applicable for staff/faculty member who wish to hire or have Work Study students.

Thank you for your interests and support to the Work Study program. Here are the significant dates for Summer 2015 Work Study program:  

March 23rd to April 10th - submit Work Study applications online at:

Noon on Friday, April 10th - Work Study application process closes (Closure time is subject to change under certain conditions. Please refer to the Significant Dates in Employer Guidelines for details)

Week of 18th April - Confirmation on approved positions*

*Please note that this date is dependent on the Work Study Program receiving funding approval by 16th April. 

Summer 2015 Work Study period:

  • Option 1: commencing on May 11th, 2015 through to August 14th, 2015 inclusive;

  • Option 2: commencing on May 18th, 2015 through to August 21st , 2015 inclusive;

  • Option 3: commencing on May 25th, 2015 through to August 28th, 2015 inclusive.

Employer Guidelines

Please review the 2015 Summer Experiential Learning Work Study Program Employer Guidelines for full program details, employer responsibilities and FAQ.  

Click here to download a copy

Pay Deadlines

For you reference, click here to download the 2015 Pay Deadlines.

Work Study Cost Calculator

Please feel free to use this tool to calculate the cost of a Summer Work Study student by using different hourly rate (between $11 - $13.50/hour).

Hourly wage:
Wage (per hour) 
Including 4% vacation pay 
Including 8.58% benefits 
Amount subsidized through work-study program$10.00
% subsidized through work-study program 
Net cost to department (per hour) 
Total expense (35 hrs/week for 14 weeks) 
Total cost to department (35 hrs/week for 14 weeks) 
Total received by student (35 hrs/week for 14 weeks) 

Remove Posting & Register Students on Work Study Web Application

Once the student has been approved for Work Study and you have hired the student on eAppoint, please register your student(s) in the Work Study Web Application.

Once the student is register into the Work Study web application the Work Study job posting will be removed from the website.

Failure to enter and report hires by the Work Study hiring deadline will result in withdrawal of your funding.

To register a student, Click on

  1. Sign in
  2. Click on "Summer Work-Study Student Employee Registration"
  3. Enter the student's ID number


Question on Work Study program - Christina Liang at or x.4186

Question on eAppoint/eHR - HR inquiries line at x.5075

Question on Work Study student eligibility - Student Financial Assistance Office at


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