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Your RMail Account

Getting a New RMail Account

To get a new RMail Account you must first activate your Ryerson Online Identity.


It is university policy that you activate and maintain your RMail account while you are a registered Ryerson student. Ryerson requires that any official or formal electronic communications from students be sent from their official Ryerson E-mail account.

Your RMail account remains active during any term in which you are registered as a part-time degree or full-time Ryerson student. Continuing Education (CE) and Distance Education students are assigned RMail accounts when registered at Ryerson.

To extend RMail access beyond the eligible registration period you must have a valid academic purpose. Ask your professor to request an extension directly through the CCS HelpDesk with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your my.ryerson user name
  • Your student number
  • A brief description of the academic work you are doing and why it requires continued use of your account.

For details on your resources including end dates, visit the Self Serve Module in the my.ryerson portal.


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