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WhoPlusYou connects job seekers with employers


WhoPlusYou is an innovative job search and matching service that works out of the Ryerson University Digital Media Zone. WhoPlusYou launched to public on November 15 and provided its service for free to the Ryerson community in September. Clockwise starting from top left: Louis Ng, Thavisha Lokuge, Paul Fanone, Andrew Lam, Natasha Stolba, Jason Kirow and Matthew Grupe.

A new website called WhoPlusYou adapts online matchmaking, a practice typically associated with dating services, to the employment marketplace.  Now instead of people chasing job opportunities, the right opportunities chase the job seeker.

The innovative job search and matching service was developed in collaboration with Ryerson's Digital Media Zone (DMZ), a collaborative space where students, alumni and external companies can turn innovative ideas into market-ready products. WhoPlusYou is already being used as a job search tool by Ryerson students and more than 200 students have already found jobs using the site.

“WhoPlusYou is the first site that delivers accurate, quick, and private matchmaking for the marketplace, allowing job seekers to find the right matches for their needs and preferences,” said Doug Walker, chief executive officer and co-founder of WhoPlusYou.

Instead of posting static profiles on equally static websites, WhoPlusYou finds, organizes and tracks approximately 400,000 jobs (and counting) based on an individual’s skills and interests. A job seeker simply fills in a profile and is matched with opportunities that are right for them - 24/7. This includes jobs posted by the largest companies in Canada and the U.S., and by companies themselves, including small-and-medium-sized enterprises. Currently there are hundreds of thousands of jobs on the system and it is continually being updated.

“Ryerson is constantly seeking to innovate for its students, alumni and employment partners,” said Ryerson President Sheldon Levy. “WhoPlusYou allows us to connect students to the job marketplace in a new and transformative way. More broadly, we think it will be an engine to help revolutionize employment searching and recruitment and stimulate economic growth country-wide.”

The innovation behind WhoPlusYou is its MarketMatch profiling system which excels at quickly interpreting an individual’s skills and interests and matching them with employers’ requirements.

Once an individual registers their profile, WhoPlusYou immediately searches for the right employment and networking opportunities. The profile protects the individual’s privacy by shielding their personal identity. This feature allows job seekers to search anonymously until they choose to connect.

Employers can fill jobs more effectively by quickly connecting with top job candidates. Once connected, secure video, audio, and chat communications are instantly available. Employers and individuals can also share all forms of digital media.

In the end, employers experience significant savings in the recruitment process because they find more of the right people first and reduce the need to sift through hundreds of resumes.

Schools can use WhoPlusYou to create and provide highly valuable services to members based on a better understanding of their skills and interests.

In addition, WhoPlusYou helps job seekers understand their market value. With the knowledge to make better decisions every individual has a competitive advantage in the marketplace

“The campus recruitment model is broken for both students and employers because career centres simply have not kept pace with technology,” said Mark Patterson, director of Career Development and Employment Partnerships at the Ted Rogers School of Management. “WhoPlusYou allows us at Ryerson to make meaningful connections between students and employers more quickly and effectively. WhoPlusYou is proving to be a transformative job search tool that offers tangible value to today’s youth, who are often frustrated by the lack of effective job search tools.”

People of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to create their free profile by going to

Read more about WhoPLusYou at

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