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Department of Philosophy
Students in their graduation gowns line up before convocation

A rising centre of excellence in the North American philosophical community, Ryerson’s Department of Philosophy offers an intense program leading to a Master of Arts (MA) degree in philosophy. Located in the heart of Toronto’s vibrant downtown, the program contributes to the thriving research culture in Canada’s largest and most cosmopolitan city.

Focused on core areas of philosophy, the program is designed for students who wish to broaden or deepen their undergraduate experience in philosophy and for students planning to pursue a PhD in philosophy. Our innovative 5-term program includes both a Major Research Paper stream and a Thesis stream.

Many of our students choose to continue their philosophical studies at the PhD level, and we have had great success placing our students in outstanding doctoral programs. Our students have been accepted into programs at Oxford, UCLA, McGill, the University of Toronto, and many more. [See the complete list.]

We are now accepting applications. First consideration of applications will take place on January 15th. After that date, we will continue to consider applications until we have reached our enrollment targets.


Students will gain

Exposure to a wide array of philosophical topics

The program includes courses on the nature of the human self, mind and agency; the grounds of our moral and political obligations; the nature, value and limits of knowledge and belief; the value of aesthetic and religious claims and experiences; society’s influence on our conceptions of ourselves and our world; and questions about the ultimate nature of reality.

Experience with diverse philosophical approaches

Students will explore both recent works from the leading figures in contemporary Analytic and Continental philosophy, as well as the foundations of current debates, through close study of the most important philosophical texts of the past.

Solid preparation for PhD study in philosophy

By providing students with broad exposure to the core traditions, eras and topics in philosophy, along with the opportunity to write a Major Research Paper or Thesis, the program will position students to gain entry to, and succeed at, top-ranked PhD programs in Canada and the United States.

Valuable professional skills

The program aims to develop the analytical, communication, organization, study and research skills needed to succeed in the profession and in the general workplace. Students will study these skills in the innovative Professional Seminar, practice them through teaching assistantships in critical thinking and moral philosophy, and then sharpen them as they engage in research, leading to a Major Research Paper or a Thesis.


Studying philosophy at the graduate level at Ryerson University has been a great experience. The professors are very inspiring, encouraging and highly enthusiastic about the material they teach. Working as a TA has been an invaluable work experience.

- Kiranpreet Rishi
(BA, York University) Ryerson Philosophy MA, Class of 2012


The faculty in Ryerson's MA program have been so helpful.  I have had great feedback on my work, which has helped me to refine my approach to philosophy. They also gave great advice as I prepared grant applications. The course offerings are great, and the Area Readings allowed me to explore topics in philosophy more independently, developing my research skills.  I've also had the opportunity to present my work at a number of conferences here on campus.  I highly recommend the program to anyone looking to take the next step in their philosophical development.

-Thomas Posie 
(BA, Bishop's), Ryerson Philosophy MA, Class of 2012

The program has also done a great job in supporting graduate students by providing funding and support for various academic projects, such as organizing and attending conferences, establishing a philosophy journal, and participating in workshops.

- Leland Harper
(BA, Kwantlen) Ryerson Philosophy MA, Class of 2012